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Apr. 24th, 2016 09:43 pm
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Player Information
Name: Shan
Age: 27
Contact:, mintyfreshevil on AIM, fivepointpalm on Plurk
Characters already in Medietas: None
Reserve Link: Here

Character Basics
Name: Scott Lang
Character Journal: [personal profile] calltheavengers
Canon: Ant-Man (film)
Canon Point: Shortly after the events of the film
Age: Roughly 45

Canon Character Information
Appearance: Scott is a Caucasian male in his 40s, 5'10", with short brown hair, green eyes, and a lean muscular frame. As a result of spending three years in San Quentin he has a few small scars, including one on his right eyebrow from a punch sustained from a fellow inmate named Peachy. On an average day he tends to sport stubble and to favor casual clothing like t-shirts and jeans. As Ant-Man, he wears a red and silver "motorcycle suit" with a silver helmet sporting small antennae, and he may be much shorter than 5'10".
History Scott was likely born in the US at some point in the early 1970s and appears to have lived a fairly typical life apart from his burglary exploits. He attended university in order to earn a master's degree in electrical engineering, and at some point began breaking into buildings belonging to corporations and executives committing fraud, stealing the illicit profits, and usually returning them to the customers. His thievery largely ended when he married his "first love," a woman named Maggie. The two of them had a daughter, Cassandra "Cassie" Lang, in 2008 or 2009. Maggie was aware of Scott's criminal exploits and a condition of their continued relationship was that he would cease his crimes.

Scott tried to go straight for his wife and daughter and ended up working for Vistacorp, where he was hired to design and code a program that he soon realized was illegally skimming money off of customers. He brought it to the attention of the Vistacorp CEO, Geoff Zorick, but Scott soured when Zorick told him to simply ignore the gains. When he challenged this, he was fired, and in retaliation he burgled the headquarters, hacked into the system, stole back the money, refunded it to the customers, posted the financial records online publicly, and then drove Zorick's car into his mansion's pool. Scott was arrested, tried, and found guilty of the crimes, and sentenced to three years in San Quentin State Prison. Maggie wept in court when he was sentenced, and their marriage dissolved soon after. (The divorce was largely amicable and Scott and Maggie are still friends, but she cannot tolerate his crimes.)

In San Quentin, Scott made friends with his cell mate, Luis (guilty of stealing two smoothie machines), and fell in with the Latino population of the prison. Luis was released a year earlier than Scott but the two remained close, and upon release he put Scott up in his suite in a residence hotel in San Francisco. Scott's focus centered on getting a place in Cassie's life again, which Maggie and her new SFPD cop fiancé said would happen when he could afford an apartment and pay his child support. This led him to Luis' promise of a rich retired-CEO target who had a basement safe and was out of town. Scott leaped at the bait and with the help of his friends broke into the home, a secured room, and a basement safe. He was vastly disappointed to find it only contained "an old motorcycle suit" and helmet.

When trying on his ill-gotten gains, Scott accidentally shrunk to the size of an insect and was contacted via audio by Hank Pym, who (somewhat) helped to guide him through a "test drive" wherein he was almost drowned, stepped upon, vacuumed up, and eaten by a rat. Hank declared it "not bad" and Scott, terrified, broke back in to Hank's house and attempted to return the suit. Upon leaving he was arrested, even after declaring "I didn't steal anything! I was returning something I stole!" Hank posed as his lawyer to speak to him while he was incarcerated, returned the suit, and persuaded him to put on the suit and shrink again, breaking him out of jail. He then took on Scott as his protege, impressed by Scott's expertise in burglary and infiltration as well as his values.

Hank's primary goal was to stop his former professional protege, Darren Cross, CEO of Cross Industries (formerly PymTech, the company Hank founded and the company where Hope Van Dyne, Hank's daughter, serves as chairman of the board). Cross had stumbled upon Hank's research, uncovered incomplete information on the Pym Particle (which is what allows the Ant-Man suit to shrink and grow), and developed his imperfect research into the Yellowjacket Suit, a stealth warfare armament that allowed soldiers to shrink and grow at will for stealth purposes as well as fire lasers at enemy targets. Upon hearing of this, and the complicated break-in necessary to secure the Yellowjacket prototype, Scott at first voted to "call the Avengers". Hank fought back, believing they couldn't be trusted with this technology, and the plan proceeded as plotted.

After intensive training with the Ant-Man suit and with the other ants, Scott and his team of fellow thieves, backed by Hope and Hank, were able to get into Cross Industries just as Cross intended to sell the Yellowjacket to HYDRA. Scott infiltrated the security around the suit, which turned out to be just what Cross wanted: a chance to kill off all the competition, including Hank and Hope.

The ensuing battle involved the destruction of the building, Hank getting shot, quite a few HYDRA officials dying in a helicopter crash, and Cross donning the Yellowjacket suit, already beginning to succumb to the havoc it wreaked on his brain. Furious that Hank turned on him and Scott foiled his work, Cross took Cassie hostage to reel him in for a fight. Cross' suit had far better offensive capabilities than Scott's, and in order to disable it Scott shrank to a subatomic level (a state previously believed to be inescapable), breaking the Yellowjacket suit's mechanisms from the inside and using the Pym Particle to return to his regular size. The restructuring essentially crushed Cross's body inside the suit and took him to subatomic instead.

It worked out well. The Yellowjacket suit was destroyed, as were the HYDRA buyers for it; Hank survived the gunshot; Hope and Scott got quite a bit closer; and now, Scott can see Cassie regularly. After this first official foray out as a hero, Scott is still attempting to get his life back together but is standing on solid ground.

Personality: Maybe the best way to describe Scott Lang is as a well-intentioned fuckup. Scott is a good man at heart, and it would be difficult for anyone, even those who really dislike him, to argue otherwise. He has an instinctive drive to do what he perceives as right, which in his mind is standing up for the little guy and working for peace: Scott has a deep dislike for violence, and despite being an actual superhero now (a fact that still blows his mind), will only engage in it to defend himself or someone innocent from attack. (Even when fighting the Falcon to gain access to some of Hank Pym's equipment stored in an Avengers facility, Scott doesn't do any real harm. He disables Falcon's flightsuit while apologizing: "Sorry! You seem like a really nice guy!") His standing up for the little guy is more than evident in his exploits against Vistacorp, with that mess ending in him going to prison for giving a company's stolen money back to the customers it was taken from. He lost not only his freedom but his marriage and family in this pursuit of justice; Maggie had told him "don't do anything stupid" about the Vistacorp job, citing their young daughter Cassie as a reason to hold off. Scott fucked up, badly, but he did it for the right reasons.

And he's well aware of it. He tells Hope that the only reason Hank selected him to wear the suit over her was that "I'm expendable" and Hank loses nothing of value if he dies. Prison appears to have made Scott humble, or at least humbler than he was before. He holds tight to his circle of benignly criminal friends, who are various shades of thief like him, but even among them he admits he's nothing special overall. ("So you're a pussy?" one asks casually, and Scott considers before amiably answering "Yeah.") While this may be true in a universe of exceptional people becoming vigilantes, Scott is a little too humble in this respect. He is pretty clever, although it's due to resourcefulness rather than genius. He's able to MacGyver his way through a fingerprint scanner using items literally found in a kitchen junk drawer, for instance, and even fixes his regulator (the piece of equipment that controls his size) when he shrinks to a subatomic state, one that no one else has ever returned from. Not to mention he stopped a brilliant but amoral madman from selling a shipment of advanced weaponry to HYDRA. But he would say he's only able to do those things because he's standing on the shoulders of giants, sometimes literally.

His self-esteem is far too low for a superhero, honestly, and most of his strength is drawn from his relationships with and inspiration by other people. The three most important in the movie are Cassie, Hank Pym, and Hope van Dyne, all three out of varying levels of faith in, love for, and investment in Scott, and his determination not to disappoint them. He gets similar support from his criminal friends both in prison and without: Scott seems able to develop familial, community-oriented relationships with just about everyone. He is very loyal and forgiving (seen by his friendship with his ex-wife Maggie, and his willingness to make peace with her new fiancé, who happens to be a cop who has arrested him). A sense of community and support seems to be very important to him, and he is most disadvantaged when he's cut off from others. Not unlike an ant.

Scott is very good at what he's dedicated himself to doing. He's not usually great at other stuff, and definitely isn't mostly graceful as he figures new things out. (Mastering shrinking and growing at will in the suit led to several concussions, for instance.) He realizes this better than anyone, and the latter parts stick out far more than the former to him. Finding friends who realize his good intentions as well as his fuckups is a must for him, and is one of the reasons he might do very well in a game of this nature.

Powers/Abilities/Talents: Scott is an expert cat burglar, a thief with an exceptional practical knowledge of infiltrating a target and cracking safes or breaking into strongholds, very often with minimal tools. Case in point: this guy can identify a distinct make and model of safe, down to its metal components, by looking at it, and can also figure out the chemistry to overpower that metal, as he is apparently a huge science geek. Due to his master's degree in electrical engineering he has a very serviceable command of coding and programming, electrical design, and architectural patterns, especially those leading to weak points. He is also in good physical shape and has received some martial arts training. He has no superpowers of his own, but his Ant-Man suit provides him with some interesting abilities. By harnessing the Pym Particle, the suit allows him to shrink down to the size of an insect or smaller and increases his atomic strength and density: when tiny he has the strength to punch through many metals if he wishes. In addition, Scott has (courtesy of Hank) an earpiece that allows him to control olfactory signals sent to various ant species, guiding them to help him. This sounds a little cheesy but really, if you look at what various ant species are capable of doing, it's extremely badass. While abilities were exaggerated for the movie Scott is able to utilize bullet ants as weapons due to their extremely painful but non-lethal bite, carpenter ant swarmers as flight transport, fire ants for their expertise in building "living architecture," and crazy ants for their bio-electric charges.

AU/CR AU Addendum: Not applicable.

What 4 items would you like your character too have with them on the island during their stay? Scott will arrive on the island while wearing the Ant-Man suit, helmet, and earpiece, and (mods permitting) will have Cassie, his 6-year-old daughter, with him. His items will be:

1. Cassie's extremely creepy stuffed bunny; 2. An ant-farm containing bullet ants; 3. An ant-farm containing fire ants; 4. An ant-farm containing carpenter ants.

First Person: Thur 7/9/2015
Still no apartment. Maybe putting Luis as a reference wasn't the greatest idea, but who else am I going to use? Maggie? "Sure, my ex may be a convicted felon but he never leaves the toilet seat up." Hope's the logical choice but she's not exactly an easy person to ask favors of.

I should ask Hank. Hell, I broke more laws from him than I did during my entire marriage, and also I got him that really fancy black currant tea. No one can say he doesn't owe me.

Third Person: Test drive thread with [personal profile] hisonlyhope

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun. Chimes.
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